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Ocarina Master Book

   (so far, only in Japanese) 
  • Also Publishing Co., Ltd., which has published the ocarina-specialized magazine, called "OCARINA", has published Milt's original ocarina Method Book on August 10, 2012. Based on the massive experiences and knowledge about the ocarina, Milt has tried to complile everything he has learned through his experiences to help ocarina lovers as well as professional ocarina players improve their skills with a lot of pictures and detailed explanations (including 2 CDs).
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I extend my heartfelt condolence to the survivors and those who lost their family members, friends and colleagues caused by, and to those who have suffered seriously from the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake. I have unceasingly prayed that the day will come when those who were affected by the Earthquake would be back on their own feet as soon as possible.